Dedication of the temple before Amun

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 14, 2018
foundation ritual
dedication of the temple
no title
Amun (name unpreserved, restored)
Position of the recipient(s):
turned left, striding with the right hand slightly extended forward and holding was-sceptre and the left hand along the body and holding an ankh-sign
Amun's feather crown with a long ribbon, divine beard, wide necklace, tunic with two shoulder straps and a belt, bull's tail
Requisites of the recipient(s): ankh-sign in the left hand and was-sceptre in the right hand
no attributes
Hatshepsut (erased)
turned right, striding with the right hand extended forward
Costume of the officiant(s):
loin-cloth with a triangular apron, figure erased completely
1. Hatshepsut offering obelisks to Amun
2. Thutmose III running with mks and nḫȝḫȝ-flail in front of goddess Meret
3. Hatshepsut stretching the cord before Sefekhet-abuy
4. Hatshepsut scattering the bsn-grains
5. Dedication of the temple before Amun
6. Hatshepsut before ithyphallic Amun sitting in front of the offering table


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