Enthroned Hatshepsut in a shrine accompanied by two Anubises and Hathor-cow licking hand of Hatshepsut

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 14, 2018
no title
Hatshepsut (replaced with Thutmose II)
Position of the recipient(s): turned right, enthroned with the left hand extended forward with fingers downwards and the right hand holding a heka-sceptre
Costume of the officiant(s):
atef-crown, jbs-headdress, ribbon, wesekh-collar, bull's tail
Requisites of the recipient(s): heka-sceptre in the right hand
no attributes
Hathor-cow, Lady of Dendera, Mother of God
turned right, standing and licking the king's right hand
Costume of the officiant(s): crown with two ostrich feathers and sun disk between cow's horns, menat-necklace
no requisites
no sequence


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