Enthroned queen Ahmes in front of an offering table with an offering list, before her Iunmutef

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 12, 2018
royal offering table scene
Title of the scene: [dbḥ.t-ḥtp], ḥtp-dj-[Jm]n n ḥm.t nswt ʿḥ-ms
long wall
queen Ahmes
turned left, enthroned with the right hand extended forward with fingers downwards and the left hand crossed on a chest and holding a sceptre
vulture headdress, tripartite wig, wide necklace, long dress with one shoulder straps
sceptre in the left hand
no attributes
turned right, striding with the right hand extended forward in a gesture of invocation, most of the figure unpreserved
no sequence


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