Hatshepsut accompanied by Neferu-Ra in front of an offering table before the bark of Amun

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 12, 2018
offering nw-vases
Title of the scene: rdj[.t] [...]
bark hall
long wall
Amun-Ra, Lord of Thrones of Two [Lands] (restored)
not represented
not represented
not represented
bark of Amun
Hatshepsut (replaced with Thutmose III) and Nefrura
Position of the officiant(s):
Hatshepsut: turned right, kneeling with hands extended forward and holding nw-vases in both hands
Nefrura: turned right, striding with hands crossed on a chest
Costume of the officiant(s):
Hatshepsut: nemes-headdress, false beard, wesekh-collar, loin-cloth with a triangular apron, wristlet on the right hand
Nefrura: modus, armlet on the left arm, anklets
Requisites of the officiant(s):
Hatshepsut: nw-vases in both hands
Nefrura: unpreserved
no sequence


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