Hatshepsut followed by her ka offering four mrt-chests to Hathor

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 12, 2018
offering of four mrt-chests
Title of the scene: ḥw.t 4 sp r mr.t sṯȝ.t
Hathor (restored)
Position of the recipient(s): turned left, standing with the right hand along body holding was-sceptre and the left hand slightly extended forward and holding an ankh-sign
long dress with two shoulder straps, wide necklace, armlets, wristlets and anklets
Requisites of the recipient:
ankh-sign in the left hand and was-sceptre in the right hand
no attributes
Hatshepsut (erased)
Position of the officiant:
turned right, standing with the right hand upraised and holding a sḫm-sceptre and the left hand upraised above the head
Costume of the officiant(s): atef-crown, false beard, wesekh-collar, loin-cloth with a triangular pleated apron and a sporran-like ornament flanked by two uraei, belt
Requisites of the officiant(s): sḫm-scepter in the right hand
no sequence


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