Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
June 29, 2018
Tags: Hermopolis
temple enclosure
15th Upper Egyptian nome
27°47′ N
30°48′ E

Hermopolis was located on the east bank of the Nile, in a flat cultivated area. The site was at some distance to the river and therefore connected to the Nile by a canal.

Almost nothing survived from the reign of Hatshepsut. Only one block has been reported so far as containing the erased name of Hatshepsut.[1]

The name of Hermopolis appears twice in private contexts. On the second stela of Djehuti the official bears the title Overseer of Prophets in Hermopolis (jmj-r ḥm.w-nṯr m ẖmn.w). This name also appears on the limestone ostracon found in Deir el-Bahari,[2] where, among the workers, Teti from ẖmn.w is named. From the time of Thutmose III the statue of the king is attested.[3]

A.H. Gardiner supposes that the fragment of the inscription preserved on the architrave in Speos Artemidos refers to the temple in Hermopolis.[4] Hatshepsut, mentioning Great Thoth, speaks: "I have build his great temple of the white limestone of Aynu, its gates 28being of travertine of Hut-nebu, its doors of Asiatic copper and its figures inlayed with electrum, holy to bear the High of Two Feathers. I have [magni]fied 29the Majesty of this god with his two festivals: the feast of Neheb-kau and the Festival of Thoth, which I have re-established for him anew, for 30they had been in the mouth, but not in his festival calendar since the conduct of the festival was made one. I have doubled for him the divine offering, in excess 31of that which had been before, as my deed for the Ocdoad."[5]


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