New tomb dating probably to the Thutmosid period discovered in Western Valleys, Thebes

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
January 16, 2023
15th January, 2023
The tomb was discovered by the joint Egyptian-British archaeological mission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and the New Kingdom Research Foundation in Wadi C of the Wadi Gabbanat el-Qurud, below the so-called Neferure’s cliff-tomb. According to Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the SCA, a rock-cut staircase, two corridors and one partly-painted chamber have been uncovered. The tomb was damaged by flooding in antiquity and is blocked with debris. The head of the mission from the British side, Piers Litherland of the University of Cambridge, claims that pottery and fragments of inscriptions suggest that the tomb belonged to several members of the royal family of the Thutmosid period. 

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