Thebes: West Bank, temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, Lower Terrace, Lower Portico South (Portico of Obelisks), west wall 9. Scene of dedication of the temple (erased very deeply) before Amun (name unpreserved, restored)

Filip Taterka
December 30, 2019
Inscription above the god:

1[…] ḫr.j 2[…] ḫr.j 3[…] [ȝw.t-jb] nb.(t) ḥtp.t nb.(t) mj rʿ

nscription behind the god:

[…] wḥm ḫʿ.t m nswt bjt.j ḥr st ḥr.w n.t ʿnḫ.w sšm.t tȝ.w bȝk.ṯ ḫȝs.wt ȝw jb.ṯ ḏt

Restoration inscription:

smȝ.(w)j mn.w jr.n nb ḫʿ.w (rʿ-ms-sw-mr-jmn)| n jt.f jmn-rʿ
Inscription above the god:

1[…] of mine, 2[…] of mine, 3[…] all [joy of heart], all offerings, like Ra.

Inscription behind the god:

[…] who repeats the appearing as king of the Upper and Lower Egypt on the throne of Horus of the living, who guides the lands and enslave the foreign lands, your heart being joyful, forever.

Restoration inscription:

Restoration of the monument which the lord of the crowns (Ramesses-meri-Amun)| has made for his father Amun-Ra.
Translated by Filip Taterka


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