Thutmose III embraced by enthroned Amun-Ra

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
January 12, 2020
no title
inner wall
Amun-Ra, Lord of Heaven, the Uppermost of Gods
turned left, sitting with the right hand on the king's shoulder and the left hand slightly extended forward and holding a king's elbow
Amun's feather crown with a long ribbon, divine beard, wide necklace, tunic with two shoulder straps, belt, bull's tail
no requisites
no attributes
Thutmose III
Position of the officiant(s):
turned right, striding with the right hand along the body holding an ankh-sign and the left hand slightly extended forward and placed on the Amun-Ra's shoulder
Costume of the officiant(s): khepresh-crown with a uraeus, wesekh-collar, sendjyt-kilt, belt, bull's tail
Requisites of the officiant(s): ankh-sign in the right hand
Thutmose III led into the temple by Montu-Re and Atum

Thutmose III received by Amun-Ra


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