Thutmose III(?) leading four calves before ithyphallic Amun-Ra

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk
December 14, 2018
leading four calves
no title
ithyphallic Amun-Ra, Lord of Thrones of Two Lands (restored)
Position of the recipient(s): turned right, standing on a pedestal with right hand raised behind and holding nekhakha-flail
Amun's feather crown with a long ribbon, divine beard, mummified lower part of the body
Requisites of the recipient(s): nekhakha-flail
no attributes
Thutmose III(?) (name unpreserved)
turned left, striding with the left hand along the body, slightly back and holding a staff and the right hand extended forward and holding four calves on ropes
Costume of the officiant(s):
plain loin-cloth with a sendjyt-kilt, belt, bull's tail
staff in the left hand and four ropes in the right hand
1. Hatshepsut before Amun sitting on a throne
2. Thutmose III(?) leading four calves before ithyphallic Amun
3. Hatshepsut before the offering table
4. Hatshepsut with ḥḏ-mace and with sḫm-scepter in raised hand
5. Five royal statues in two registers, Iunmutef and behind him Hatshepsut
6. Hatshepsut with mks-staff and ḥḏ-mace leading two hippopotamus in two registers before her
7. God in the chapel in front of a boat in the marshes of papyrus, on the boat Hatshepsut and gods Hepui and Khededu
8. A net of waterfowl drawn by two gods, above Hatshepsut and Thutmose III in the pavilion


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