About the Project


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 If you know about publications, objects, sites, etc. not taken into account here let us know. Keep in mind, however, that the web page is still under construction, new pieces of information are being added constantly and the main aim at the beginning of the project is to introduce data about the province of Egypt. So, at the moment, comments on this subject are most welcome.

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About the Project

The creation of hatshepsut.iksiopan.pl was possible thanks to the grant of Jadwiga Iwaszczuk entitled "Egyptian province from the Sinai to the First Cataract in the times of Queen Hatshepsut". It was funded by the National Science Centre Poland (decision no. DEC-2012/05/N/HS3/01733) and is realised within the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

The objective of the web page is much broader. It is intended to and covers not only the province, prepared within the grant but all activity attested during the reign of Hatshepsut all over Egypt and beyond. The data forming the body of knowledge about the activity of Hatshepsut will be added gradually after the province part is finished.

The idea of the web page referring to the whole country came from three researchers: Dr Jadwiga Iwaszczuk, Dr Andrzej Ćwiek and Dr Filip Taterka. We work in three different Polish institutions dealing with the archaeology of ancient Egypt: Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poznań Archaeological Museum and Institute of Prehistory, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. On the other hand, we all have the experience of working for the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission of the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari. It was natural then to concentrate our research on queen Hatshepsut.

In 2016, Katarzyna Kapiec, a member of the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission at Deir el-Bahari, who also works in the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences, joined the project. It was possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the development of databases (decision no. 209665/E-691/B/2015). We are grateful to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and its programme of dissemination of science activities (decision no. 932/P-DUN/2017) for further development of the database and the possibility of working with Dr Filip Taterka.

Our web page is primarily designed for scholars studying the subject of the early Thutmoside period, but other users are very welcome to exploit its resources. The main objective of the project was to collect in one public space all published data concerning the times of queen Hatshepsut and to reconstruct the world she lived in. To an equal degree, religious, royal and private constructions, artefacts and documents have been taken into consideration. You can find here descriptions and translations of documents, too. The page was intended to be a compilation of databases giving organised and systematic data and regular texts which were planned to provide commentary and interpretation or synthesis of what is known.

Not only the compilation of information was important for us, but also the possibility of searching through all collected data in different ways to give scholars a convenient tool for their study of the times of Hatshepsut.

The articles included on this page are planned to be of a scientific standard, together with tools used in such papers, i.e. bibliography and notes.

At the moment, if it is not stated otherwise, all drawings are made and photos taken by Jadwiga Iwaszczuk.